Is Fat Camps Weight Loss Forever?

Posted by Arabella Lopes on June 01, 2017

Fat Farms are not places where they grow fat, but I guess because everybody goes there to leave some fat behind (no pun intended), you might say that they are farming your fat, so possibly that's where the term came from.

Lots of people use the terms Fat Farms and Fat Camps interchangeably, however Fat Farms are usually considered places were adults go, and Fat Camps typically refers to where the kids go to lose weight during the summer, however:

For the purpose of this article, I'll use the terms interchangeably as they both refer to the same thing.

Are Fat Farms Practical?

With Fat Farms, the first Question that you have to ask is:

Are Fat Fat Farms, really affordable, and if a Fat Farm is affordable, are you really willing to waste that much money?

If you want to spend that kind of capital on a Fat Farm, then the important Question is: What benefits are you going to get out of a Fat Farm, Because:

Fat Farms, Are Quite Expensive

Your run-of-the-mill Fat Farm can cost you on the average, from $2,000 to $5,000 (US) PER WEEK!!! I've even seen lots of fat farm programs for only 10-15 days, going for $5,000-$7,000

As for what benefits you're going to get from a Fat Farm, even if you can find a Fat Farm as low as $1,000 per week, about the best weight loss that you can hope for is to lose 3-5 Lbs/Week, so that means your cost is somewhere about $200-$300 per pound. Now if you need to take off 30 to 40 Lbs (your cost = $6,000-$12,000), or more:

Maybe a little more weight loss could be possible at a Fat Farm if they "Really Put You on a Starvation Diet", and also "Work Your Butt off", so the moral here is:

Don't Expect a Vacation

If you really want to get away from your usual environment in order to totally focus on losing the weight, then in that case you really don't need to go and attend Fat Farms, instead:

Go on a nice Vacation for "Just a Small Fraction of the Cost" of going to Fat Farms, and this way you can go someplace where you'll have Nature Trails to do "Lots of Walking", stay away from the Junk Foods for awhile, and also cut back on your daily fat Intake a little bit, and:

You'll maybe lose even more than what you would lose at a Fat Farm and you'll give your Metabolism a boost instead of doing a Wrecking Job on it, so this way, the weight you lost will "Stay Off", or at least will stay off a Lot Longer.

Of course if you're on a Dietless Slimming System, then the weight will stay off for LIFE.

The only real difference between Fat Farms and a Diet Clinic, is that at Fat Farms you live there and you can't cheat, because the food's locked up.

Now what that means, is that you're on a much more restricted diet, by going to Fat Farms than if you are at home.

However, if you want to lose the weight for good, then the "Most Awesome Secret" that you can ever realize is:

Don't do any Actual Dieting

If you do you'll slow down your metabolism, and therefore make your weight loss problem much worst in the long haul, because:

Every Single Diet Will Wreck Your Metabolism

If you get weight loss in the ballpark of 3-5 Lbs every week by dieting, it's going to do some Major Damage to your Metabolism, and as a result, once you return home and get back to "Normal Eating", it's a "Guarantee" that you WILL put the weight All back on Real Fast, and also regain Some Extra Weight as a Bonus for your trouble.

At $200-$300 per Lb at a Fat Farm, that's quite a bit of money. If you went to a real cheap Fat Farm, and spent only a ridiculously low amount of $1,000/week, and wanted to lose 30 Lbs. Even if you lost 10 Lbs a Week (that would be "Very Dangerous" and be a starvation diet or total fasting), it would still cost you somewhere around $3,000 for the 3 Weeks in Fat Farms , and then:

As soon as you go back home from the Fat Farms , you'll "Gain it All Back" again, with an extra 5 or 10 Lbs, so:

The best thing is to check out a Fat Farms Online where you can use a Dietless Slimming System, and lose the weight for Life. But that's not all:

With a Fat Farms Online Program, you can do it for a "tiny percentage of the price" of Fat Farms.